LACE º1 Limited Edition of 4 + 2 Artist Proof

LACE is made of salvaged glass parts that once belonged to a ceiling fixture measuring 3 x 3 m, designed in the early 1950’s by Flavio Poli and custom made by Seguso Vetri d’Arte (VE) for the Hotel Bristol in Meran (BZ), Italy.
LACE Nº1's supporting structure is designed upon the retrieved glass elements, which were never cut or trimmed, but carefully arranged to form this breezy cloud. Lasered out of 2 mm aluminum sheets and bent by hand, the design is lightweight and conveys the electrical elements (such as LED strips which are dimmable by remote up to 300 Watts) as well as a straightforward mounting system.

The history of the extraordinarily luxurious Hotel Bristol is steeped in the euphoria and enthusiasm that was the economic boom of the 1950’s in Italy. This was a time when Italy affirmed itself at an international level in the fields of art and technology, a time characterized in the world of cinema by the irrepressible figure that is Sofia Loren, it should therefore come as no surprise that it was she who inaugurated the Hotel Bristol in 1954.
The incredibly grandiose design of the hotel was the dream of an extremely wealthy ship-owner, Arnaldo Bennati, whose family still to this day owns the Hotel Bauer in Venice. Its architecture and interior design, were considered sensational and astonished people from all over the world. The national and international press reported in detail of the splendor of what was praised to be the most modern and elegant hotel of its time in Europe.
Under the direction of architect Marino Meo, unique pieces were created by craftsmen and artists alike. But it was the light fixtures and fittings at the Bristol which reached a standard very difficult to beat by involving the best forges in Murano, amongst them Seguso Vetri d’Arte with Flavio Poli as their artistic director who contributed to the project.
In the 1970’s, after 20 successful years of business, the Hotels’ slow decay set in and it shut its doors for good in 1991. It was demolished in 2006.

COMA STUDIO made it its mission to bring these exquisite works in glass back to life.

Order via L'ArcoBaleno

Shot in March 2014 @ Gallery Franz Josef's Kai 3, Vienna (A)